Clinical Consultation for Therapists

I offer clinical consultation, including supervision to Masters level therapists pursuing post-graduate hours toward licensure. Consultation is an important part of growing and developing as a therapist. It works best when consultees feel safe to reflect on their work and the experiences that arise in clinical relationships. I encourage an open dialogue as we discuss your clinical work.

Part of developing your professional identity in this field is the process of clarifying your beliefs about how psychotherapy works. I enjoy supporting this process. I will share my point of view and experience, and I am also interested in hearing about yours.

Consultation can also offer valuable perspective on the unconscious dynamics that emerge in the intimacy of therapeutic relationships. In addition to both practical and theoretical discussion about frame and practice, I find it helpful to discuss countertransference experiences in order to gain greater understanding of your client’s inner life and what may be going on in your relationship.

In addition to offering individual and small group consultation, I am a credentialed Balint group leader and supervisor. After a case is presented in a Balint group participants reflect on the experience of both members of the therapeutic relationship without advising on the management of that experience.  This opens the space for intuitive and imaginative speculation without requiring theoretical justification. This approach offers insightful consideration of cases, often opening greater understanding of transference/countertransference dynamics, while participants engage in a surprisingly intense workout of the very faculties that deepen clinical practice – flexing the “muscle” of empathic, imaginative reflection. For more information on Balint group: