Couples Counseling

I enjoy working with couples – heterosexual, gay and lesbian. I encourage couples to seek counseling as a self-respecting act of loving one another. I believe we grow through our relationships. It is a challenge to open the inner space for deeply knowing another person. And the process of doing so helps you as well.

Communication skills are key to engaging with your partner in a life-promoting way. We are all better at communicating when we feel whole and relatively safe and calm. I can help you develop effective ways to speak and listen to one another. People who develop a sturdy and safe internal space are more able to engage respectfully and lovingly with one another. I can help you find and reclaim your inner sense of well-being in the ever-unfolding journey of being in a partnership/marriage.

When patterns of conflict have become entrenched, people tend to feel despair and are less open to learning. Counseling at this point can provide a neutral space where each partner has greater chance of being understood. This neutral space can support your faith in the possibility of working things through. I can also help you turn toward building a more honest and trustworthy relationship with your partner.